How Dance Mat Typing is Fun and Educational for the Youngest

Do you want your kids to excel in future academic challenges? It is essential to teach them the basics of touch typing. You might think it’s too early to start teaching your youngsters, but they are going to need proper typing skills as soon as they get into school. To set your kids on the right path and prepare them for those academic papers timely, introduce your children to BBC Dance Mat Typing. This is a great program that can help advance the skills of your child.

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It is a fun training platform for learning touch typing. Touch typing is the fastest and the most efficient method of writing on the computer. It doesn’t require the presence of your eyesight on the keyboard, only the ten fingers of your hands. With a little practice, it gets incredibly easy and fast. The average typing speed is around 40 WPM, whereas professional typists achieve up to 70 WPM. If you do the math, that’s 4000 words in an hour. For this reason, it is important to start at a young age and become skilled enough only to worry about what to write, not how to achieve it.

Dance Mat Lovely Interface

Thanks to the great developers of this program, children can learn to write correctly in an effortless manner. The whole interface is completely adapted to the younger age. Graphics are vivid and lively, even the characters in the game are entertaining. The whole game is narrated by kid’s voice making the ambiance entertaining. A whole myriad of fun cartoon characters guide the young learners through the process of becoming adept typists. These characters include a goat, an octopus, a tennis-hat-wearing turtle, a cat with a mustache and much more.

How Fast Can You Progress?

Learning52t3edt263edy72u8i2 to touch type is no rocket science. It can be a bit challenging to the youngest, but with music and interactive interface, it will be a walk in the park. The game is divided into four levels, each having three stages. These levels cover the whole keyboard, and the basic punctuation too. With a little amount of time and commitment, your junior is going to type as fast as you can, or even more quickly.

Millenials and post-millennials are quick learners especially when it comes to technology, so why not to show them the right way immediately, rather than let them learn wrongly themselves, which will pose problems for them later in life.

Seize this excellent opportunity for your kids, and teach them the basics of typing that will be essential later in life. Navigate to the BBC’s official web page and introduce the training to your boys and girls. They aren’t just going to love it; it will also be hugely beneficial to them.


The importance and benefits of sending a child to a preschool

Some parents may be wondering why they should send their little ones to a formal preschool if they can do the job all by themselves in their homes. Some are asking, what is the importance and benefits of taking a child to top preschools in Chicago? What are the things that a kid will learn if he or she goes to school? In this article, we will discuss all of these things, so keep reading on.

Importance and benefits

sahsasahhgasasasToddlers love to explore. As they play, they learn so many things. If you send your child to a preschool, he or she will get to play and learn at the same time during organized activities. Children will discover social interaction, cognitive skills, as well as physical skills. They will also be able to develop their self-esteem and creativity.


The most obvious importance of sending your kids to a preschool is for them to get socialization. Every child needs this to prepare them for the actual school pretty soon. Yes, it is true that you can provide your kids with social interaction at your home, but then, the group activities that they will be participating in at a preschool would be different as they will be able to learn more.

The lessons that they will be taking up are, indeed, invaluable. They will learn how to listen, follow instructions, do things correctly, share, take turns, and much more.

Discover something new

During their preschool years, the kids’ bodies are growing at a fast pace. They will discover something new every day. They can even race with other kids to see how fast they can go. They can do jumping, running, skipping, dancing, hopping, crawling, and other activities. These activities may sound simple, but they are milestones to your little ones’ growth and development.

Develop creativity

At preschool, toddlers will also be asked to do different things to develop their creativity. And, for sure, you will be amazed to see your child come home with a new art or project at the end of the day.

Develop self-esteem

saashgashgashgasAnother important benefit of taking a child to a good preschool is the development of his or her self-esteem. At school, your son or daughter will surely be able to learn how to be independent on doing things. And this is something that is beyond what parent can put in front of their children at their homes. The confidence that they will gain would be truly priceless.