Dealing With Dyslexia – Strategies For Teachers

If you are teaching children with dyslexia, you need to help them make a difference. This is the best gift you can give them. You need to find a positive thing that they have done and acknowledge it. In fact, they will remember your comment for quite long. If you are a teacher, you are bound to have a print-rich environment in the classroom. We understand that teachers whether new to the career or they are seasoned veterans, keep on looking for skills and suggestions to enable them to help their children better.

In this ptg23wedgw36edy27weu282ost, we share some suggestions that spark a new idea for the classroom. When you hone your teaching skills for dyslexic students, most of the strategies are helpful to a typical learner. By studying online courses for dyslexia you can improve your skills. The strategies are quite helpful to the struggling writers and readers in a classroom.

Other than general recommendations, it is possible to promote phonological skills, reading fluency and comprehension, oral reading, vocabulary development, writing, spelling, and written directions. You should choose activities and strategies, which best fit your classroom, you, and your students.

Recommendations for teachers

Personalized stories

You should make personalized stories and books with the student’s photos and name. You can have him or her draw pictures and dictate a story. You can then transcribe it. It is also necessary to increase the print awareness. This is possible by increasing asking the student to write anything he or she can find. You should also choose rhyming books that have a high repetition of phrases and words.

Play sound matching games

If the sttg23wet6dy723edu82i2udent has difficulties, give him or her some clues. You can wait for a few seconds and then give the answer. You can also increase the repertoire of shapes the student draws to include triangles, squares, and many other facial features like mouth and eyes. Increase repertoire of letters and include alphabets. This makes it easy to guide the student’s writing and drawing by placing the hand on top of the hand.

General recommendations

When students are working on class work, the student should have the option to use headphones to eliminate emerging distractions. Give extra time to students to complete tests. Also provide opportunities for spelling and writing daily but in a broad range of formats like sending an email, copying, or writing homework activities. Teach planning and organization skills for tracking and completing homework.


The Pimsleur Approach

Pimsleur’s approach was developed by Dr. Pimsleur, a French phonemics and phonetics teacher at UCLA, and a P.H.D holder in French and master’s degree holder in psychological statistics from theUniversity of Columbia. Pimsleur is one of the applied linguistics experts who is recognized all over the world.

Every Pimsleur course is built upon the Pimsleur method foundation. It is a set of principles that is designed to take learners directly to the core of the language. The pimsleur approach is the simplest approach to learning foreign languages and is being used by very many people all over the world. This approach has the following important principles.

Important principles

Core vocabulary

This principle works in a way such that every relevant vocabulary is learned one at a time. This is done regarding theklmbvcxzwq fact that human brains grasp new things better when learned at intervals of time. Learning many new things at once may slow the normal functioning of your brain as it tries to digest and comprehend.

The principle will, therefore, allow the brain enough time to internalize every new thing before moving to the next. The policy is also critical as is it has a framework that makes the addition of new vocabularies easier and faster.

Organic learning

Organic learning ensures that every new word or phrase or any other item in the Pimsleur course is introduced in a conversation or exchange context. This principle makes learning and retaining concepts more efficient as it allows your brains to integrate intonation, melody, rhythm, and pronunciation automatically.

Graduated-interval recall

Dr. Pimsleur did a lot of research on human memory and discovered that learners would remember each time longer that before if they are reminded of new items, i.e. words or phrases at slowly increasing the interval. This research was one of his greatest achievements.

Anticipation principle

Human brains are synchronized to hear the speech, process it and anticipate the most likely response. This process is not as simple as it appears, which makes most people take it for granted. In his research, Dr. Pimsleur demonstrated that whenever this system is started off, new connections are initiated. The principle enhances learning, increase understanding and also facilitates the activation of neural pathways in the brain of the learner.

The best method

jjhjhjhjhjPimsleur approach is the best way of learning any foreign language. It not only gives you proper guidance in your course of study but also allows your brains sufficient time to internalize fully the new items learned.

This method is applicable indiscriminate of age or gender. This has been testified by many learners at different ages, for instance, Kathy Lowry, A 59-year-old lady whose learning was successful.


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You cannot get the best package in a revision kit like the one provided by this book. The content is comprehensively covering all you preparation concerns for the GMAT examination.

In-depth information

The good thing about this collection is that every book covers a topic in details because that is what the designers intended. The purpose of separating and distinguishing each set for a particular subject was to enable it to provide elaborate lessons and exhaustive information for the readers. The feature makes it the ideal preparation guide, especially for students who would want to revise from the scratch.

Latest format

The pattern of setting GMAT exam has evolved over time making it necessary to change revision tact. The writers of this book designed it in line with the current approach to the GMAT, which makes those who use it to score very high percentiles in the final assessment.

Instructors involved

The writers of this preparation guide are active tutors who have many years of experience in teaching students for GMAT exam as well as being involved in setting this examination. For this reason, they bring their expertise to you in this guide and allow you to predict what to expect in the final assessment with the kind of questions they include in the content. In simple terms, the writers just designed this book with the student in mind.

Questions and answers

ghplkmbvxIf you are looking for a GMAT prep book that will allow you to predict the questions in the final examination, then this is the book for you.

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