The Pimsleur Approach

Pimsleur’s approach was developed by Dr. Pimsleur, a French phonemics and phonetics teacher at UCLA, and a P.H.D holder in French and master’s degree holder in psychological statistics from theUniversity of Columbia. Pimsleur is one of the applied linguistics experts who is recognized all over the world.

Every Pimsleur course is built upon the Pimsleur method foundation. It is a set of principles that is designed to take learners directly to the core of the language. The pimsleur approach is the simplest approach to learning foreign languages and is being used by very many people all over the world. This approach has the following important principles.

Important principles

Core vocabulary

This principle works in a way such that every relevant vocabulary is learned one at a time. This is done regarding theklmbvcxzwq fact that human brains grasp new things better when learned at intervals of time. Learning many new things at once may slow the normal functioning of your brain as it tries to digest and comprehend.

The principle will, therefore, allow the brain enough time to internalize every new thing before moving to the next. The policy is also critical as is it has a framework that makes the addition of new vocabularies easier and faster.

Organic learning

Organic learning ensures that every new word or phrase or any other item in the Pimsleur course is introduced in a conversation or exchange context. This principle makes learning and retaining concepts more efficient as it allows your brains to integrate intonation, melody, rhythm, and pronunciation automatically.

Graduated-interval recall

Dr. Pimsleur did a lot of research on human memory and discovered that learners would remember each time longer that before if they are reminded of new items, i.e. words or phrases at slowly increasing the interval. This research was one of his greatest achievements.

Anticipation principle

Human brains are synchronized to hear the speech, process it and anticipate the most likely response. This process is not as simple as it appears, which makes most people take it for granted. In his research, Dr. Pimsleur demonstrated that whenever this system is started off, new connections are initiated. The principle enhances learning, increase understanding and also facilitates the activation of neural pathways in the brain of the learner.

The best method

jjhjhjhjhjPimsleur approach is the best way of learning any foreign language. It not only gives you proper guidance in your course of study but also allows your brains sufficient time to internalize fully the new items learned.

This method is applicable indiscriminate of age or gender. This has been testified by many learners at different ages, for instance, Kathy Lowry, A 59-year-old lady whose learning was successful.


Offshore Umbrella Companies and Taxes

A recent report by the BBC asserted that the umbrella companies were non-compliant as far as the payments of the taxes were concerned. It is, however, critical to point out that not all the offshore umbrella companies avoid paying taxes. There is a difference between an umbrella company that offers offshore tax-structuring and an umbrella company that has an offshore presence. The Offshore Umbrella company usually attempt to remove or reduce the liabilities of individuals in the United Kingdom. It is such companies that give the corporations bad names.



An umbrella firm is defined as that company that acts as agency contractors to an employer who usually work under jmnbvva fixed contract assignment. In most cases the employment recruitment agency is located in the UK. The recruitment agencies often give contracts to the limited companies as the company liability will be reduced.

There are no doubt differences between the two. Let us look at the manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom to drive the point home. For many years, the residents of the United Kingdom have exhibited that they are okay with suits, jeans, t-shirts, and other items that are made abroad. Most of these products are fully compliant with the regulations and quality standards of the United Kingdom. That is why they are allowed in the country in the first place. These items are usually compliant with the regulations and rules that seek to address fire safety and labeling.

How umbrella firms avoid taxes

There are many ways that companies use to avoid taxes. Most businesses pay the taxes although the pay lower amounts than what they are supposed to pay. For example, may enterprises do not remit the full deduction of the employer from the income of the contractor? Most firms only pay the national insurance amount of the employees and retain the elements for the firm for themselves. They also use other mechanisms like trusts and loans to avoid the tax liabilities of the United Kingdom.

Operation of the umbrella firms

kjkjkjkjkThe umbrella companies are critical as they link the recruiters and the employers. They also help many companies save on the administrative costs by taking over the responsibility of preparing the payroll and the overtime sheets of the employees. The amount of money that the umbrella companies can be increased if they are assigned other administrative roles like insurance P45s, P60s, holiday pay, payslips, and the NI of the employers.

They can also help in maintaining the continuity of the essential processes of employment such as the mortgage applications which are usually taken by the full-time employees.


The West Campus Real Estate

Moving into your first apartment as a student is very exciting. It comes with freedom and even responsibility. Getting the right apartment can change your world as a student. At west campus real estate you are guaranteed of pleasant memories that will last you for a lifetime.

It is a place you can call home when you are far away from home. West campus real estate is home to many student organizations. There is no doubt that you will feel right at home when in west campus apartments. Besides, it is just a walking distance to the college. As you will find out leaving in west campus is fun and enjoyable.

Best tips

Walking distance to campus

It is important to keep time because time is money. When you reside at West campus real estate, you will save a lot of jkplmbvcxtime. It is strategically constructed close to the college. As such, you can walk to your college without spending money on transport.

Walking allows you to catch up with your friends as you go to campus. Just in case you wake up late, then you can hop into one of the buses and make it on time for your lectures. It is just a few minutes’ drive to your campus. This real estate offers you convenience at its best.

Near restaurants and retail stores

You do not have to worry about going far to look for some great food. There are restaurants that prepare delicious meals just near the apartment. Some of the favorite restaurants are halal brothers, pluckers, kismet and sushi niche. You can also study while enjoying a cup of coffee.

There are numerous places for UT students to hang out during their free time. In case you want retail items, you can go to urban outfitters and American Apparel. They are perfect places to do your retail shopping. West campus real estate is the pace to be if you are a UT student.

Enjoy the nature

jkplkmbvczTake a walk to the pease park to get a feel of the retreat. You can have a peaceful time in Pease Park. Most UT students love to spend time in this park and celebrate Winnie the Pooh.

The celebration is accompanied with food, live music, and different games. It is a sight to behold. Get your condo in west campus real estate and enjoy all the fun things on your stay there. The decision you make to stay in one of the condos will be the best.


Qualities of a Good high School

The benefits of education cannot be stressed enough. As a parent, you should ensure that you take your child to the best school. However, it is not easy to identify a good high school. If you are stranded, find private schools in Essex and select a good school. This a good way to start in finding a good high school.

A good high school

Qualified and dedicated teachers

Teachers contribute to a large part to the quality of a school. If tdgdfgfdgdfgdhe teachers do not care, then the school will not perform as required. You will know a good school by the reaction of the teachers. The best teachers ensure that they explore the techniques needed to become better at teaching.

A good teacher should be knowledgeable about their area of expertise. They should ensure that the student grasps the lesson. A good teacher can do this by explaining the lesson in an easy way.

Parent involvement

As a parent, you should know how your child is performing, when in school. Therefore, you need to make sure the school embraces parent involvement. A good school should involve the parent in every way regarding the child’s education. A school that embraces parent involvement is set to grow.

Getting involved in your kid’s education will also show the students that you care. As such, they will work harder to improve their grades. You can have a closer relationship with your kid’s teacher to know whether they have any difficulties in their studies.


The principal for the high school should be respected by the staff, parents, and even the students. He should have a clear vision and enable others to succeed. The principal should also motivate his students and staff to reach greater heights.

Also, he should create a positive attitude. The principal should also be innovative, encouraging and open. Their decisions should be student centered. Furthermore, they need to provide the teachers with the necessary support to help them grow.

Enough fgfdgfdgdfgfdresources for student

Classes are usually different. Therefore, a good high school should have enough materials to help students with their studies. Concepts are made in such a way that it is clear and easy for the student to grasp. The students should also be involved in the learning process.

The instructional techniques should enable the students to understand clearly the topic being taught. The student will also be motivated to read if the school has enough study materials. A school that has a library with the best reading materials has a bright future for students.


Manhattan Set of 8 Strategy Guides as the Best GMAT prep Book

Preparing for the GMAT can be a daunting task considering the competitiveness of this exam. Many revision books are already in the market to provide you with an array of choices to select from to assist you in your readiness for the test. Due to the stiff competition involved in this examination, you need the best guide, as the only way to emerge at the top. The Best SAT prep Book helps student pass their examinations. Based on quality, reviews, and ratings in the market, Manhattan set of eight strategy guides is currently the best GMAT prep book you should consider buying.


Comprehensive content

As the name suggests, it has eight different books each tackling a separate section of the course in details. The topics gwqplkmbvxztaken care of in each of these set of books include sentence correction and reading comprehension, equations, critical reasoning, fractions, word translations, VICs and inequalities, Geometry, and number properties.

You cannot get the best package in a revision kit like the one provided by this book. The content is comprehensively covering all you preparation concerns for the GMAT examination.

In-depth information

The good thing about this collection is that every book covers a topic in details because that is what the designers intended. The purpose of separating and distinguishing each set for a particular subject was to enable it to provide elaborate lessons and exhaustive information for the readers. The feature makes it the ideal preparation guide, especially for students who would want to revise from the scratch.

Latest format

The pattern of setting GMAT exam has evolved over time making it necessary to change revision tact. The writers of this book designed it in line with the current approach to the GMAT, which makes those who use it to score very high percentiles in the final assessment.

Instructors involved

The writers of this preparation guide are active tutors who have many years of experience in teaching students for GMAT exam as well as being involved in setting this examination. For this reason, they bring their expertise to you in this guide and allow you to predict what to expect in the final assessment with the kind of questions they include in the content. In simple terms, the writers just designed this book with the student in mind.

Questions and answers

ghplkmbvxIf you are looking for a GMAT prep book that will allow you to predict the questions in the final examination, then this is the book for you.

It has exercises at the end of every chapter with questions that are harder than those in the actual examination are, a phenomenon that helps you to revise the concepts intensively. It also has an additional feature of enabling you to access six GMAT practice test free.


How Dance Mat Typing is Fun and Educational for the Youngest

Do you want your kids to excel in future academic challenges? It is essential to teach them the basics of touch typing. You might think it’s too early to start teaching your youngsters, but they are going to need proper typing skills as soon as they get into school. To set your kids on the right path and prepare them for those academic papers timely, introduce your children to BBC Dance Mat Typing. This is a great program that can help advance the skills of your child.

Ways dance mat typing ijmknb3e5dr53edt6272u82i2s fun

It is a fun training platform for learning touch typing. Touch typing is the fastest and the most efficient method of writing on the computer. It doesn’t require the presence of your eyesight on the keyboard, only the ten fingers of your hands. With a little practice, it gets incredibly easy and fast. The average typing speed is around 40 WPM, whereas professional typists achieve up to 70 WPM. If you do the math, that’s 4000 words in an hour. For this reason, it is important to start at a young age and become skilled enough only to worry about what to write, not how to achieve it.

Dance Mat Lovely Interface

Thanks to the great developers of this program, children can learn to write correctly in an effortless manner. The whole interface is completely adapted to the younger age. Graphics are vivid and lively, even the characters in the game are entertaining. The whole game is narrated by kid’s voice making the ambiance entertaining. A whole myriad of fun cartoon characters guide the young learners through the process of becoming adept typists. These characters include a goat, an octopus, a tennis-hat-wearing turtle, a cat with a mustache and much more.

How Fast Can You Progress?

Learning52t3edt263edy72u8i2 to touch type is no rocket science. It can be a bit challenging to the youngest, but with music and interactive interface, it will be a walk in the park. The game is divided into four levels, each having three stages. These levels cover the whole keyboard, and the basic punctuation too. With a little amount of time and commitment, your junior is going to type as fast as you can, or even more quickly.

Millenials and post-millennials are quick learners especially when it comes to technology, so why not to show them the right way immediately, rather than let them learn wrongly themselves, which will pose problems for them later in life.

Seize this excellent opportunity for your kids, and teach them the basics of typing that will be essential later in life. Navigate to the BBC’s official web page and introduce the training to your boys and girls. They aren’t just going to love it; it will also be hugely beneficial to them.


The importance and benefits of sending a child to a preschool

Some parents may be wondering why they should send their little ones to a formal preschool if they can do the job all by themselves in their homes. Some are asking, what is the importance and benefits of taking a child to top preschools in Chicago? What are the things that a kid will learn if he or she goes to school? In this article, we will discuss all of these things, so keep reading on.

Importance and benefits

sahsasahhgasasasToddlers love to explore. As they play, they learn so many things. If you send your child to a preschool, he or she will get to play and learn at the same time during organized activities. Children will discover social interaction, cognitive skills, as well as physical skills. They will also be able to develop their self-esteem and creativity.


The most obvious importance of sending your kids to a preschool is for them to get socialization. Every child needs this to prepare them for the actual school pretty soon. Yes, it is true that you can provide your kids with social interaction at your home, but then, the group activities that they will be participating in at a preschool would be different as they will be able to learn more.

The lessons that they will be taking up are, indeed, invaluable. They will learn how to listen, follow instructions, do things correctly, share, take turns, and much more.

Discover something new

During their preschool years, the kids’ bodies are growing at a fast pace. They will discover something new every day. They can even race with other kids to see how fast they can go. They can do jumping, running, skipping, dancing, hopping, crawling, and other activities. These activities may sound simple, but they are milestones to your little ones’ growth and development.

Develop creativity

At preschool, toddlers will also be asked to do different things to develop their creativity. And, for sure, you will be amazed to see your child come home with a new art or project at the end of the day.

Develop self-esteem

saashgashgashgasAnother important benefit of taking a child to a good preschool is the development of his or her self-esteem. At school, your son or daughter will surely be able to learn how to be independent on doing things. And this is something that is beyond what parent can put in front of their children at their homes. The confidence that they will gain would be truly priceless.


A guide on how to balance studies and social life

School and Social Life

Sometimes we spend most of the time doing school work and forget our families and friends; we forget that there is also the social life to discover and have fun. On the other hand, we may spend so much time creating a social life and pay less attention to the grades in high school or college. In order to be successful in life, one needs to find a balance between social life and academics. Here is a guide on how to balance studies and social life.

· Set the right goals

Setting goals in life is very important. However, a good goal should not jhgfvdcstretch you to achieve; it should not make you forgets other important things in your life in order to get there. You should not only set goals for your academic life but also for other school experience such as social life.

Instead of waiting until the last minute to study and fail to attend the family dinner, fail to go camping with friends, set intermediate daily or weekly goals to avoid having chunks of study work to study in limited time.

· Combine studies life with social life

Studying in groups or with a friend makes it easier to stay connected as well as study. Even if you are not studying for the same subject, it helps to study with someone else as you can help each other with certain problems that are hard to understand which creates a stronger bond. After finishing the studies, you can go for a drink or take a walk together.

· Set some time to relax

Too much studying can wear you out, therefore, when planning your day or week activities, set aside some time just to relax and unwind. Go out to a party in the night or have dinner with friends during your free time so as to keep up with the social life.

· Avoid becoming overwhelmed

yhtgrfcdexSchool life involves so many opportunities for taking a part-time job to joining different clubs or hanging out with different people. You should know when to say no to certain activities so as not to feel overwhelmed. It is ok to cancel going out to the cinema with friends in order to rest. Though difficult, it is important to be selfish with your energy and time. Paying attention to how you feel allows you to achieve better your goals without feeling pressured.

Combining study and social life does not have to be overwhelming, try the above tips for a more successful and happy life in school.


Finding the right Student accomodation


Going to college or the university is one of the most exciting yet challenging time in every student’s life, this is when one is expected to pack their stuff and move away from home. Therefore, finding the right student accommodation is very important.

There are so many options available when it comes to student accommodation, here is a look at each and the pros and cons of each option.

· University halls

Living in the university managed halls allow you to make friends and it jyhtgrfdplaces you conveniently for any on-campus going which means you do not have to worry about travelling a long distance to attend campus events.

If you have just joined college or university, living in the university managed halls is a good option as it allows you to be independent without worrying about landlords and bills. You are also well supported by the university.


· It gives you a good opportunity to meet with different people

· You receive extra support from the university in case of anything.


· You have no choice of who to live with or the hall to stay in

· The halls are sometimes messy and noisy

· Private student halls

Another student accommodation option is living in areas with rooms built purposely for students. They are almost similar to university halls, but they are owned by private people. If you would like to stay in private student halls, then ensure you confirm what is included in the cost; the facilities available, the bills included as well as space.


· Since they are built in for students, the advantages of living in university halls apply

· Some have added packages such as Wi-Fi

· They are located close to the University


· They are more costly compared to university managed halls

· They may be noisy and messy.

· Private accommodation

kujyhtgrfedPrivate accommodation is for students who may not like to live in student halls. If you like living in your own space without much disturbance, then this option is for you. Sometimes, you can miss out on university and private halls, leaving you with no option but to look for private accommodation.

Private accommodation is more appealing as you choose where to live and who to live with but you should do your research to avoid some the landlord pitfalls.


· You are in charge of where to live and who to live with

· There are so many packages to choose from


· They are located far away from the campus

· They are more expensive

· You need to budget and manage your bills.

· Living at homenbjivhfcud

Living at home is the only option that does not involve packing, and it significantly cuts the accommodation cost. However, this has an impact on your social life as you will not be able to meet with many students.


· It is hassle free, does not require moving, and someone else will be taking care of the laundry, cleaning and cooking.

· It is quite cheap


· You need to put more effort to get a social life and meet with new students